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Refine flow of floating fish feed making machine plant Empty Refine flow of floating fish feed making machine plant

Sat Oct 07, 2023 9:30 am
As a result of the small belly and also stomach of water animals such as fish and also shrimp, and also inadequate food digestion and absorption capacity, the floating fish feed making machine innovation of marine feed is far more demanding than that of livestock and also chicken feed. As a result, it is especially essential to choose the manufacturing tools of water feed.

The full collection of floating fish feed making machine automatically warms up via the friction of the machine itself throughout manufacturing and handling, so that the material is gelatinized, developed, granulated, and also cooled at one time, and also the product packaging surface is smooth and clean, with modest solidity, which is convenient for covered storage space.

According to the requirements of floating fish feed mills, it can be readjusted within 1.8mm-6mm, and also it appropriates for processing pellet feeds such as pigs, cattle, sheep, rabbits, poultries, ducks, and fish. There is no demand to add water or drying out during the granulation procedure of the floating fish feed making machine.

When the all-natural temperature level rises to around 70 levels, the starch can be gelatinized, the within the pellets is grown, the surface area is smooth, the solidity is high, and also it can be saved for a long time.

Refine flow of floating fish feed making machine plant First-grade-fish-feed-production-making-line-made-by-RICHI
1. Process flow of fish feed mill plant
Basic material preparation → blending → sharing → extrusion → communicating → drying → testing → oil injection → seasoning → (product packaging).

( 1) Configuration: Mixer → Feeder → fish feed pellet extruder → Air Conveyor/ Elevator → Multilayer Stove → Vibrating Display → Lift → Fuel Injector → Roller → (Loading Machine).

( 2) Due to the requirement for pulverization in the manufacturing of some feeds, it can be used: powder mixer → feeder → floating fish feed extruder machine → pulverizer → (packaging machine).

2. Process composition of floating fish feed assembly line.

Blending machine: According to the outcome of the floating fish feed assembly line, pick various kinds of mixing machine, there are 2 primary designs for you to pick.

Feeder: The electric motor is used for power screw sharing to make sure convenient and also quick feeding.

Floating feed extruder machine: According to the outcome of the assembly line, different kinds of DSE type floating fish feed making machine are chosen. The outcome can vary from 120kg/h to 1000kg/h.

Corn meal, bone dish, meat dish, etc can be used as resources. The certain product form can be replaced by mold and mildews.

Lift: The feed is transported to the stove, the elevation of the elevator is established according to the stove, as well as an air conveyor can additionally be used.

Multi-layer stove: The majority of the ovens are electrical ovens. The temperature level is changed between 0-200 degrees via the control cupboard. The parts in contact with the product are stainless-steel double-layer mesh bags. The baking time can be readjusted according to the speed. Can;.

Shaking display: Filter out excess debris.

Seasoning line: There are octagonal, cylinder, single-roller, and also double-roller seasoning lines, which are set up according to result and product buildings.

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3. Floating fish feed making machine benefits.

Simple operation, 2 people can operate totally (consisting of product packaging);.

Easy to cleanse, the screw has self-cleaning function;.

Mainframe regularity conversion control, energy saving as well as high effectiveness;.

Reasonable layout, durable, no need to replace the screw within 2 years, reduced wear.

4. Floating fish feed making machine attributes:.

The full-price pellets created by this floating fish feed making machine can fulfill the demands of pets for healthy protein, energy, calcium, phosphorus, micronutrient, vitamins and various other nutrients in different durations.

The readily available protein content is high, the amino acid matching is reasonable, the animal grows quick, the fur is large, the fluff is fine and thick, the needle hair is thick and straight, and also the coat is bright.

The floating fish feed making machine is added with medications, digestive system enzymes, probiotics and anti-stress elements, which can properly avoid different illness such as animals, red claws, self-biting, etc It can boost the reproductive capability of reproducing pets, with early estrus, noticeable indications of estrus, and also focused estrus time, the women pet has a high fertilization price and a multitude of clutter.

The floating fish feed making machine can effectively avoid the anorexia of gestational women pets, the calf bone animals are birthed big as well as cool, the healthy and balanced calf rate is high, and also the discouraging survival price is dramatically boosted.

5. Benefits of puffed granules:.

The extruded pellet substance feed made by floating fish feed making machine can be fed directly. Its advantages are:.

Raise the secretion of saliva, prolong the food digestion time of the feed in the gastrointestinal system, offset the drawbacks of the short digestive tract of the leather pet as well as the reduced food digestion and also absorption rate of nutrients in the feed, thereby boosting the feed high quality, food digestion application, minimize indigestion.

The cubs can be fed freely, avoiding the irregular consuming and unbalanced development as well as development caused by the competitors for food, as well as improving the harmony and also discouraging weight of the cubs.

The expanding monsters eat easily, which solves the issue of reduced feed consumption as well as slow-moving growth price of the growing monsters in the summertime heat season.

When feeding slim material or porridge material, the remaining material is simple to wear away, and also the high fat in the powder product is additionally very easy to be oxidized and worn away in heat season. event of animal diseases.

Making use of pellet products made by pellet making machine has strong controllability of feeding procedures, reduced human procedure risk, low labor intensity, short labor time, much less tools financial investment, conserving water, electricity and fuel, which is conducive to large-scale breeding and large procedure.
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