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High-yield procedure of the poultry feed making machine Empty High-yield procedure of the poultry feed making machine

Mon Oct 09, 2023 5:58 am
What's the decisive factor for high-yield operation of the poultry pellet making machine? One of the most crucial elements in the poultry feed making machine are the pressing roller and the die plate. However, the die plate is one of the most conveniently worn. Usually, when consumers purchase a poultry feed making machine, they will buy a number of collections of die plates to prevent the manufacturing quantity. When it is too large, the die plate is conveniently damaged as well as brings losses to its own manufacturing.

Lately, numerous customers have actually returned orders to buy mold and mildew plate devices. Several consumers have reported that when selecting a mold and mildew plate, exactly how to select? Just how to choose a mold tray suitable for your very own livestock, today Richi Machinery will certainly give a thorough description on the option of the mold and mildew tray.

1. How do customers pick the mold plate?

( 1) Select the aperture of the die plate ideal for increasing livestock. Since the diameter of the die hole is different according to different resources and different livestock, the customer can offer the pellet size required by the staff, as well as Richi Machinery can provide tailored processing services.

( 2) Choose a die plate with wear-resistant product. Normally, the material of the die plate on the marketplace is 40cr high-grade alloy steel. This product has high Cr material, higher wear resistance, and also extra fine and uniform inner grains. The pellets produced have a higher coating as well as are of first-class top quality.

( 3) Select a die plate with a higher life expectancy. The die plate of the RICHI poultry feed pellet making machine has undergone countless experiments and also numerous speculative materials. Longer service life. Based on years of testing experience and responses from consumers, the life of the die plate can reach 600-800 hrs under typical operating problems.

2. Exactly how can customers pick a mold and mildew plate ideal?

According to the comments of clients, we have concluded the diameter of the die plate ideal for various animals. The parameters are for recommendation only, as well as pick the die plate suitable for your own reproduction according to your real situation.

Choice of die dimension:

( 1) The 2.5 mm grinding disc is for breeding: parrots, yeast infections, finches, as well as other pet birds. Youthful bunnies, young poultries, young ducks, goslings, young pigeons, young birds, young peacocks, young aquatic fish and other tiny pets.

( 2) The 3-4 mm grinding disc is used for breeding: bunnies, hens, ducks, geese, pigeons, birds, peacocks, marine fish, and so on;.

( 3) 5-6 mm grinding discs are used for reproduction: pigs, livestock, lamb, canines, pigs, steeds;.

( 4) 7-12 mm is normally used to make big animals such as angling bait, big birds, as well as computer mice, and also requires special personalization.

If the customer has special demands for the aperture of the grinding disc of the poultry feed making machine, Richi Feed Equipment can recognize one-to-one private modification.
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3. High-quality poultry feed making machine - Richi Equipment manufacturing facility straight sales.

For some little farms, the financial investment is not so high, and also the small poultry feed pellet machine is the most perfect option. Amongst the many poultry feed making machine makers, there are really couple of makers specializing in the manufacturing of tiny tools. Richi Machinery, as a producer of lots of feed pellets, whether it is a little farm or a big feed manufacturing facility, RICHI always sells its professional equipment in your home and also abroad.

Advantages of RICHI poultry feed making machine:.

( 1) The transmission is made of top quality grey cast iron product, with low sound and also great shock absorption.

( 2) Equipment transmission is adopted, which is much more effective than belt transmission and worm equipment transmission, as well as can avoid belt slippage as well as short belt life in belt transmission.

( 3) The structural layout of the traditional pellet making machine has been altered, the covering has added enhancing ribs, as well as the density of the spreading has actually been boosted, thus greatly enhancing the toughness of the machine and also preventing the breakage of the covering of the feed pellet machine.

( 4) The die plate as well as stress roller are constructed from top quality alloy steel with a hardness of 55-60HRC.

( 5) One of the most suitable die hole structure for sawdust processing, the core modern technology gotten with a large number of experiments-- the best die hole compression proportion.

( 6) Safe electronic control system, operating system totally compliant with CE criterion, emergency stop switch can quickly close down the machine in emergency.

( 7) Because of strict and also standardized production and also technological management, the uniformity and also interchangeability of all our machines and also each part are ensured, and customers can pick extra components a lot more guaranteed.

For farms of all dimensions, the result of Richi Equipment's poultry feed making machine is sufficient, and also the advantages of feeding are progressively mirrored. The pellets produced are hard in appearance and also smooth in surface, which are really suitable for pets to eat. The feed pellets themselves are internally grown, and also with heat, sterilization and sterilization, the palatability of poultry is enhanced and the digestion system conditions of poultry are reduced. Enhance the revenue of farmers.
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