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Processing modern technology of poultry feed manufacturing plant Empty Processing modern technology of poultry feed manufacturing plant

Mon Dec 11, 2023 7:53 am
The new poultry feed manufacturing plant has two processing strategies: initial mixing, then squashing, and after that set crushing.

1. Initially the ingredients, then the crushing procedure.

According to the ratio of the feed formula, the numerous feeds are mixed together by a metering gadget, and afterwards a little blended right into the feed crusher for crushing. The broken powder goes into the feed mixer as well as is scaled. Mix the premix or trace additive in a mixer to develop a powder compound feed.

The process is defined by easy procedure, less devices, conserving a great deal of batching boxes and also reducing civil design investment, but the powder raw materials that do not require to be crushed additionally enter the crusher, which impacts the effectiveness of the crusher. Rise power usage. This process is suitable for tiny feed mills and also devices, however in Europe it is likewise utilized by tool and also big poultry feed mills.

2. Pulverize first, after that set process.

Initially, we will need to squash various feeds. Use the crusher to crush individually, to ensure that one powder feed gets in the active ingredient box, and also the powder feed that does not require to be smashed gets in the specific component box. Because the batching warehouse is measured by the batching scale, it is blended into the mixer to create a compound feed.

The quality of this process is to enhance the squashing effectiveness of the crusher, but it requires to be geared up with a multitude of batching storehouses. The dimension procedure is made complex and the investment in manufacturing facility construction is massive. Numerous new poultry feed manufacturing plant producers in your home and also abroad have embraced this method.

( 1) The brand-new poultry feed manufacturing plant has an easy and small framework, large adaptability, low noise and also reduced failure rate. The procedure is simple, the noise is reduced, no water is included, and the bits are tough and smooth.
( 2) Dry in and also dry, all type of straw can represent greater than 65% after crushing. Grain basic materials such as corn, barley, and rice can be straight refined without squashing. The pellets have low wetness content, which is the nationwide food storage requirement.
( 3) During the manufacturing procedure, the feed can be matured to not only boost the good looks of nutrients, but likewise kill common virus, bacteria and bloodsuckers. It is a crucial processing equipment that utilizes science and also modern technology to make full use natural deposits for breeding. It is a brand-new generation of house drying items.
( 4) The granule development process can alter pancreatic enzyme resistance consider grains as well as beans, decrease unfavorable impacts on food digestion, eliminate various bloodsucker eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, as well as decrease different pests and also pests. Digestive system diseases. Usually speaking, it is a lot more affordable to make use of a new poultry feed pellet machine to produce feed.
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3. How to utilize the poultry feed manufacturing plant?

( 1) Turn on the power of the poultry feed pelletizer in turn, established the temperature, as well as pay attention to whether the home heating is normal.

( 2) Tidy the hopper and various other devices, the inlet as well as electrical outlet pipes, and also examine the oil level as well as lubrication state of each equipment oil, engine oil, as well as high-temperature butter. The brand-new equipment oil should be changed every 6 months at the most recent, and also the moving components should be oiled at least once a week.

( 3) When the temperature reaches the set temperature, prepare the material and start the primary electric motor in turn.

( 4) The poultry feed extruder temperature have to get to the collection temperature level. The feeding gadget can be opened up, the cleaning material or raw material can be poured into the screw, the residue in the screw is cleaned up until the new product is extruded, and after that the extrudate is suspended, the filter plate and the mold are rapidly installed in position.

The die head can be closed. After closing the pellet machine die, activate the main screw motor of the feeder. Now, the driver will certainly keep away from the die to prevent the die from clogging, rupturing and also injuring employees. The reducing cover is connected to the device owner as well as locked.

( 5) After the above operations remain in place, switch on all followers > vibrating display > poultry granulator > host procedure in sequence.

( 6) When the feed is released normally, readjust the poultry feed manufacturing plant, quit the frequency conversion rate policy, and change the dimension of the feed. Before dumping, the screw needs to rotate the poultry pellet feed granulator. If it is a water-cooled spray poultry feed manufacturing plant, you should initially fill the pellet cover with water, and afterwards switch on the major device to quit the main consumption.

( 7) Start the major machine of the poultry feed manufacturing plant, as well as change the frequency conversion speed of the primary machine as well as the feeding pellet machine slowly as well as swiftly according to the bit size requirements. Only when the two are coordinated, the fragment cutting can be extra consistent and the fragment result can be boosted.

( Cool The order of stopping the operation is opposite to the order of starting the manufacturing. First switch off the primary drive, then switch off the power of the supporting machine, and afterwards swiftly clean the mold to prevent the mold and mildew from cooling down as well as obstructing (special focus: after each change procedure, the mold and mildew is released, as well as the hole as well as filter plate should be cleansed before reinstallation as well as consumption, or else the mold head may be will blow up due to obstructing).".

For the above operating factors, the driver of the poultry feed manufacturing plant has to constantly keep in mind, otherwise it is easy to create machine damage and mishaps. For customers who acquire Richi Equipment poultry feed making machine, we offer professional thorough directions on the procedure procedure. You can call Richi Pellet Equipment if you need it.
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