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 Unsteady current of the wool pellet mill Empty Unsteady current of the wool pellet mill

Fri Jan 19, 2024 9:59 am
The ring die and the pressing roller of the wool pellet mill revolve at a consistent speed, and also the working state of each split second is essentially the very same. If the quantity of feed product is the same, the power usage must additionally be relatively steady, and the existing will be assessed the electric motor. Likewise relatively stable.

When the wool pellet mill equipment is functioning, we adjust the feeding quantity as long as the product thickness in the feeding area is less than the maximum starting factor of the pressing area, it will directly influence the size of the effective workspace of journalism location and also the pressing location, as well as create the present to move.

The change and the change of the hourly outcome of the wool pellet mill, and if the thickness of the product layer in the feeding location is above the optimum starting factor of journalism area, along with enhancing the density of the product layer in the feeding area, it will not impact the hourly outcome and also energy consumption each time.
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If there is any type of effect, it will no longer cause changes in current as well as wool pellet mill output. Because the thickness of the product layer in the feeding zone goes beyond the maximum beginning point of the pressing area, the period in between journalism zone and the pressing area is constant with no change. In the interval where the multi-feed product is located, the securing angle is more than the critical rubbing angle, and the material will certainly not be squeezed into journalism location.

This way, with the rise of the feeding amount of the wool pellet mill, the equilibrium of in and out is broken, as well as the in is above the out, and also the product layer in the feeding location is It will gather thicker and also thicker until all the spaces are loaded and also obstructed to the feed port, so that the wool pellet equipment can not function normally. Right now, the current will boost.

In the actual job of the wool pellet mill, with the adjustment of the feeding quantity, the immediate result as well as the current of the primary electric motor will transform accordingly. And when the feeding thickness does not go beyond the optimum starting point of journalism location, it will certainly not create a growing number of worldly layers in the feeding location due to the increase in the amount of powder we feed.

As has actually been stated before, the area that can create instantaneous output as well as energy intake changes should be both areas of work and also material layers - the compression location and the wool pellet maker extrusion area, so we believe that the 3rd location pointed out over- - The practical existence of the feeding location has certain problems.

That is to state, the fed material layer is dispersed in the compaction area, the extrusion area and also the feeding location whose complete density does not surpass the optimum entry point of the compaction area.

The wool pellet machine will function generally under the allowable power. If the quantity is also big as well as exceeds the density of the optimum beginning factor of the compaction area, the product layer will build up and also gradually increase, and the wool pellet making equipment will not work usually. Current is fluctuating.
 Unsteady current of the wool pellet mill High-quality-sawdust-pellet-mill-by-RICHI
Via the above evaluation, let's go over some sensations exhibited by the wool pellet mill under two possible working problems:

( 1 )When the power of the primary motor is not large enough compared with the equivalent wool pellet mill granulation criteria, the density of our feed goes to the end of the extrusion area as well as the maximum entrance point of the compression area (this will certainly differ with the raw materials, compression ratio, reliable length-diameter proportion, humidity, stress rollers and other variable aspects to readjust as necessary), usually will not go beyond the optimum starting factor, with the boost of the feeding amount, the compression location will change as necessary.

The length of the period will be reduced, and the interval length of the press area will gradually boost as necessary, and the current of the major motor will certainly also gradually boost until it gets to the optimum permitted use. If the present reaches the defense worth we set, as well as the density of the feeding material has actually not gone beyond the density of the optimum starting point of the wool pellet tool pressing area, if the feeding amount is enhanced, the safety and security system will act, and also the excess powder will be discharged. In order to make certain the typical feature of wool pellets.

( 2 ) Expect the power of the primary motor is large or the motor fails to overload after the density of the feeding material exceeds the density of the maximum starting point of the pressing location due to the extensive modifications of several variables. At this time, the powder fed to individuals can not increase the time output, neither will it trigger the boost of the main motor current, however can only continue to boost the powder stack accumulated in the tool until the inner dental caries of the wool pellet press tool is obstructed.

Create the wool pellet mill to not work properly. Obviously, this unique phenomenon hardly ever takes place in actual manufacturing (if the raw material moisture is too huge, the efficient facet proportion is as well tiny, the stress roller is badly worn as well as the space is not readjusted effectively, the raw product is changed, etc, this phenomenon may happen), this is our undesired problems.

Extensive analysis of the initial generally made use of functioning state, it is simple to recognize that on the facility that the appropriate conditions are unchanged, with the modification of the feeding quantity, the interval size of the compression zone and the extrusion zone is within a certain variety Matching modifications are additionally made (the feed flow rate is minimized, the length of the extrusion zone is minimized, as well as the size of the compression area is lengthened; otherwise, the extrusion area is prolonged as well as the compression zone is shortened), and also the feeding quantity does not surpass the stress. When the thickness of the optimum beginning factor of the limited location is concerned, the sizes of the above 2 periods are not a consistent value when this article is composed. The larger the extrusion zone length worth, the higher the wool pellet manufacturer production efficiency and the longer the pellet size per extrusion per roller.

As a result, it is wrapped up that the elements of existing instability under the problem of regulating the feeding quantity require to be investigated from the dampness web content of the raw product, the reliable facet ratio is also little, the pressure roller is significantly used as well as the void is not readjusted appropriately, and also the raw products are replaced.

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